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  • How to Trade Options on a Trading Platform (With tastyworks Example)(Note: This is the third part of our ultimate beginners guide to options trading. If you haven't read the first part and the second part yet, I'd highly recommend you to do so.) So in the last two posts, we discussed a ton of theory […]
  • Option Price Components + Shorting Options(Note: This is the second part of our ultimate beginners guide to options trading. If you haven't read the first part yet, I'd highly recommend you to do so. Because without that, this part will not make sense) In the first part of our beginners guide to option trading, we […]
  • What is Options Trading? The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Options As someone who teaches options trading, the questions I get to hear the most are – “What is options trading?” and “how can I get started as a beginner?” Today, I'll answer both.Options trading might seem a very difficult thing to learn, as there are […]
  • Iron Condor Options Strategy (Tutorial + Trade Examples) What is the Iron Condor Options Strategy?The Iron Condor consists of the combination of two popular vertical spread strategies: the bull put spread and bear call spread. Specifically, this is the setup for selling an iron condor, which is the most popular way to trade the strategy. Iron […]
  • What is VXX & How Does it Work? UPDATE May 2nd, 2019: After the maturity of VXX, Barclays launched VXXB, which is essentially the same exact product that the original VXX was. In May 2019, Barclays renamed the new VXXB back to the original ticker symbol, VXX. The History: On January 29th, 2009, Barclays launched VXX, an exchange-traded note […]
  • Why Does Implied Volatility Change? (Options Trading Tutorial) Implied volatility is a crucial options trading concept for beginners to understand, but it can be a daunting thing to learn because it seems very complex. While the math behind calculating implied volatility is complex, all we need to know as options traders is this: ➜ Implied volatility quantifies option prices […]


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