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  • Selling deep out-of-the-money cash-secured puts in bear markets will provide us with additional protection to the downside in return for lower, but still significant, option returns. This article will highlight the use of Delta and implied volatility to establish a framework for executing such trades with n 84% probability of success.   What is Delta? […]
  • Covered call writing is a low-risk, cash generating option-selling strategy. Premium is generated by undertaking the contractual obligation to sell our shares at a price (strike price) and date (expiration date) that we, the option sellers, determine. Frequently, dividend distributions represent an additional potential source of income. This article will use a real-life example with […]
  • Alan answers a question posed by Bill, who asks: Alan, In the attached hypothetical example, can you explain how to enter and calculate closing a weekly put trade after rolling-up in the same week using the Trade Management Calculator? Thank you, Bill This video addresses how to enter and archive a weekly put trade which […]
  • Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Various corporate events like stock splits, mergers and acquisitions will results in share price changes that require the Options Clearing Corporation to adjust option contracts such that buyers and sellers of calls and puts are made whole. This podcast focuses in on reverse stocks splits, ther reasons they are […]
  • When initiating our Poor Man’s Covered Call (PMCC) trades, we can estimate our breakeven (BE) price points. It gets more complicated as more layers are added to the trades over the months and, perhaps, years that the trade continues. This article will detail the formula used to generate this BE price point and use a […]
  • Covered call writing with out-of-the-money (OTM) strikes provides the opportunity for 2 incomes streams, 1 from option premium and the other from share appreciation from current market value up to the OTM strike. Many of our eligible securities also generate quarterly dividends and trades can be established with 3-income stream potential. Such a trade was […]


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